Products That Give Back

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented stress on everyone. Amongst those who are stressed, our frontline workers are working tirelessly daily to keep us safe.



This is the motivation behind products that give back. Through your purchase, each purchase of a face mask donates to Feed The Frontlines Toronto which buys a local meal from a restaurant and feed our frontline workers.  

Which charities are being donated to from the face mask campaign?

We've teamed up with Feed The Frontlines Toronto (@feedthefrontlinesto) who use our proceeds to support a local business and feed our frontline workers. 

How can I contribute?

By purchasing any one of our items from our Face Mask Collection, proceeds will be donated. Depending on the item, the donation amount differs. ProtectTO Masks donate 100% of the proceeds, whereas other items donate 10% of the proceeds to charity.



We've partnered with Interval House to donate reusable face masks to survivors of intimate partner violence. We believe that by providing reusable face masks to interval house, we can keep Canadians safe.

Which charities are being donated to?

We are donating reusable masks to Interval House. Interval House is Canada's first centre for women survivors of intimate partner violence. Founded in 1973 by a feminist collective, they have always had a pioneering spirit, taking a holistic approach to helping women and children leave abuse behind and start new lives, free of violence.

How can I contribute?

By purchasing any one of our merchandise, we'll donate a mask to Interval House on your behalf.