Wash & care instructions

We have long experience of working with top quality garments and materials made for coping with the Swedish landscape and climate. It is important to protect against water and wind in order to maintain warmth and comfort. Below you can find out more about the various materials we use.

Soft, low-noise, flexible yet durable fabric made from 100 % cotton. The material is impregnated with TEFLON®. Wash at 40º. Allow to drip-dry at room temperature. Moleskin may shrink from 2-3 %.

Re-impregnate using waterproofing spray, then brush lightly.

Made from 100 % polyester. Fibrefur warms even when wet. Wash at 40º C . Brush and shake out garment after washing.

Very similar to fibrefur. Soft, quiet and warm.

Low-noise, light, durable fabric. Made of 100 % polyester. Impregnated with TEFLON®. Wash at 40º. Dries rapidly after washing or when wet. Microfibre may be damaged by embers or sparks. Impregnation is reactivated by tumble-drying.

Garments made of leather or with leather reinforcements should be washed using a mild washing agent and dried at room temperature, never in front of an open fire or in a tumble-drier. Leather should be greased when necessary after washing or becoming wet.

The polyamide used in our Titan range is a synthetic fibre which may be compared with polyester or nylon*. It is a fine-weave fabric specially developed for active wear and is extremely durable. Wash at 40º C and dry at room temperature. It is a quick-dry material and the Supplex®- yarn in the fabric makes it feel soft against the skin. The fabric features UV40+ sun protection under the current standard which means that it provides excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation. The fabric is certified in accordance with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.


Fabric softener should never be used for any of our products that are impregnated or equipped with GORE-TEX® or COVERTEX®. Always check the washing instructions sewn into a garment as exceptions occur. Always wash using little washing agent and plenty of water. Never allow wet leather to lie in crumpled heaps. When drip-drying, gently stretch seams a few times. Trousers should always be dried with the heavy end down. Never dry garments in front of an open fire. All camouflaged clothes should be washed inside out. Zips should always be fastened during washing. Fasten any buttons or Velcro straps before washing.

Machine wash symbols

May be machine-washed at the given temperature. Washing machine to be half-full. Spin for no more than one minute. Spin for no more than 30 seconds in a separate spin drier. A line under the tub means wash with extra care.

Hand wash symbol

Hand wash only at max 40º C. Ensure that washing agent is dissolved before immersing garment. Do not soak or allow to lie in water; coloured garments may run. Do not rub or wring garment.

Do not wash symbol

This symbol mean that the garment is not suitable for washing with water.

Ironing symbols

The iron symbol means that the garment may be ironed. The dots inside the iron indicate ironing temperatures: One dot no higher than 110º C; two dots no higher than 150º C. The crossed symbol means do not iron.

Bleaching symbol

Means that the garment cannot be bleached.

Dry cleaning symbols

The symbol means that the garment must be dry cleaned. The different letters denote the type of dry-cleaning. The crossed symbol means do not dry clean.

Tumble drying symbols

Most garments tolerate one minute’s spin drying. Some garments may also be tumble dried, as indicated by this symbol. Garments made of, or containing, wool must never be tumble dried. The crossed symbol means do not tumble dry.

Drying symbol

These drying symbols may also occur. From left to right: Hang dry, drip dry and dry flat.

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